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Presentation showing the projects developed at the lab.

Agriculture Robotics (AgroBots)

Development of an Autonomous date palm trees sprayer

Date palm sprayer.jpg

Development of an Autonomous vineyard sprayer

Vineyard Sprayer.jpg

CROPS project: Autonomous fruit picking robot

Crops fingers.jpg

Military applications

Mule like robot


Snake like robot

Snake- connection to movie.PNG

Wall climbing robots


Dual tracked robot for mapping of underground tunnels

Maping tunnels.PNG

Quadrotor hovercraft


Humanoid robot


Autonomous Bobcat


Group of robots motion planning



Energy harvesting from human motion


BaMPer: Balance Measure and Perturbation system


Grasp Synthesis

GM project: Common grasp search algorithm

2012-03-13 17.28.21.jpg

More robots, robotics systems, and technologies

SpiderBot: a cable suspended walking robot

Spiderman- for link.PNG

BallBot: a robot that balance itself on a ball


Fully Actuated Rotorcraft (FAR)

FAR.jpgFAR PIC.jpg

2012 Undergraduate students senior projects

Contact Model Of Spherical Elastic Bodies

Assembly smaller.jpg

Planning experiment device for validation of holding quasi-rigid bodies model

Using the robot.jpg

Solar Tracker for Photovoltaic Panels


Control system for active damping

Control system for Robo-Team's Micro Probot


Control system for a man-follow carrier robot

A train that does not stop in stations

Quadruped Robot–Development of Servo-Pneumatic Actuator Test System

Development and calibration device for finding constants for Quadrotor engines

Fire Fighting Robotic System Design

Control system for UAV deigned for a removal of birds from fish ponds

Control and Optimization of Heat Sources

A 3D Under-Actuated Pendulum Design

2014 Undergraduate students senior projects

Quadruped Dynamic Walk. Gazebo Simulations



Flow Based Pipe Cleaning System

"Krembo" Wrapping Machine

KremboMat Small.png

2015 Undergraduate students senior projects

Energy harvesting from knee joint movement

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2016 Undergraduate students senior projects

Kinematic modelling of a walking cycle in an unmonitored environment

Mechanical demonstration