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Various types of robots control is done by using an operation system. The robot developer is required to create a workspace for the robot by developing a unique and individual program that includes drivers for controlling all it is sensors and motors. The main idea of a robotics operation system is to avoid continuously reinventing the wheel, and to offer standardized functionalities performing hardware abstraction, just like a conventional operation system for personal computers, hence the analogous name.

A common operation system that is widely used by robot developers is ROS - Robot Operation System. ROS was presented for the first time only 6 years ago, it is based on an open source code which enables constant updates and developments by the robot developers community. When a robot designer wants to control a robot he has to learn a lot on the operation system which sometimes can be unfriendly and demanding especially to someone without a vast knowledge in programming.

The main goal of this project it to allow users with only basic background in programming to develop software for controlling robots using ROS, this by developing a graphical interface that is user-friendly and convenient for programing to ROS. Researchers or other users often encounter a problem when come to develop a robot, they lack extensive background in programming and most of the times comes from a slightly different backgrounds (such as mechanical engineering or electrical engineering) which requires them long-term learning or rely on other professionals. The graphical interface shown in this project suggests that a researcher or a user to control a robot in a simple and more intuitive way without having to spend weeks learning the principles of ROS and without having to learn to program at all.

This project product is a web-content, generic, open source, extensible and user-friendly program that helps in the development of a ROS based robot, while providing tools for correct developing.

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