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Search for a target or for a path to the target with group of autonomous robots: In this work we explored two on-line multi-robot motion planning problems where a group of robots must reach a target in an unknown unbounded planar environment whose geometry is acquired by the robots' sensors during task execution. In the first problem, the target position is unknown and should be found by the robots, while in the second problem the target position is known and a collision-free path to it should be found. Examples for possible applications are search and rescue missions, cleaning supermarkets, detecting contaminated substances in factories or in the open field, planetary exploration and sample acquisition. This work describes two new on-line motion planning algorithms which solve the problems. The first is called MRSAM, short for Multi-Robot Search Area Multiplication, and the second is called MRBUG, short for Multi-Robot BUG algorithm. We prove that both algorithms are optimal in the sense of having shortest search time in worst case scenario. We further extended the algorithms to deal with heterogeneous velocity robots. We developed HMRSTM, short for Heterogeneous Multi-Robot Search Time Multiplication, and HMRBUG, short for Heterogeneous Multi-Robot BUG algorithms and proved their optimality. The algorithms' average case performance had been simulated in office-like environments, and tested in experiments.


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Video Files

HMRSTM algorithm simulation

HMRSTM algorithm experiment

HMRBUG algorithm simulation

HMRBUG algorithm experiment