Development of an Autonomous date palm trees sprayer

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We developed a kit that can be connected to current date palm trees sprayer made by Degania Sprayers that direct the spraying head towards the tree during driving along the row. The spraying head follows the motion of the tree relative to the sprayer and therefore spray the dates from all directions. The sensing of the tree is being done in one of the two options, a camera and computer vision software to detect the exact direction of the tree, or an ultrasonic sensor that detects the tree location and an odometry system (that counts the wheels rotation) to measure the distance traveled from the tree and compute the exact aiming angle.

kit that Sensing the tree with microcontroller, ultrasonic sensor and proximity sensor: the control system is composed of sensors and a microcontroller that allows it to input, process, and calculate the location of a tree in relation to the sprayer. The cannon is thus able to pan and create the correct tracking. The controller commands the valve using the PWM method, which pans the cannon in pulses of opening and closing. This is in order to create speed proportional to the ratio and the angle that the cannon has to correct.

File:Automatic date palm sprayer 2.jpg

old option : kit that Sensing the tree with a camera and computer vision software:

File:Camera vision 2.JPG