Control system for active damping

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The objective of this project is an implementation of control algorithm in a real mechanical system. This project consist three main parts. The first part is theoretical part. This part consist the theorem of the control LTI system. The purpose of this part is to find an controller for stabilizing the main mass of the experiment system. The second part is dealing the experiment system. In this part we discus about the experiment system, the type of the actuator, the acceleration sensor and all the rest component of the experiment system. The third part is the major part of this work. The purpose of this part is active damping of the main mass by using an actuator. Simulation has been made, the results give us a basis for evaluation the fidelity of the control Algorithms. The experiments results will provide us a clear and sharp answer about the quality control design that made in this project. the Link above include a demonstration of system

By: Alon Elhadad, Michael Mazri