Control system for a man-follow carrier robot

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By Liran Moshe & Eitan Damari ; Maor Ben David & Eran Cohen


This project subject is A mobile equipment robot that follows a man. This projects target is to design and implement a control system for a mobile track robot that follows a man via a Kinect sensor. Because of the stochastic kind of walk of a man and the nonlinearity in a movement of a tracked vehicle, it is hard to design a straight forward feedback solution.

The mobile robot driven differential form by the wheels and equipped with a Kinect sensor of Microsoft company. With a sensor that includes a color camera and depth camera we can identify the person after him must follow, distinguish it from other characters in the environment and to provide information about its distance from the robot. In order to do this, we carried out modeling in mechanisms of the robot movement and human movement.

The solution that was chosen is a two stages control system where there is a usage of a control feedback in a non depended environment, that communicate with a controller that drive the robot thru a PID loop. The algorithm and gains in the tracking system is based on experiments and simulation.

The Robot

File:Robot12.jpg File:Robot56.jpg

Short demo