BallBot: a robot that balance itself on a ball

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Ballbot is a robot that balance itself on a ball

We investigated and derived a nonlinear control law for a spatial model of the underactuated Ballbot system. The spatial Ballbot system is an extended 3D model of a 2D unicycle. A 3D kinematic and dynamic models are derived, and a control law for the stabilization and position of the robot are constructed. Partial feedback linearization for an underactuated systems is used to stability the system, and a P.D. control law is used for the controller’s position keeping. The stability nature of each of the controller’s part are reviewed, and the overall system is proven to be locally stable. Computer simulation presents the controller capabilities in handling initial condition, that are out of the conventional linear approximation boundary, and provides large convergence basin of attraction. An experimental reduced system is introduced and used.