BaMPer: Balance Measure and Perturbation system

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Ageing commonly disrupts the balance control and compensatory postural responses that contribute to maintaining balance and preventing falls during perturbation of posture. This can lead to increased risk of falling in old adults (65 years old and over). Therefore, improving compensatory postural responses during walking is one of the goals in fall prevention programs. Training is often used to achieve this goal. We developed the Balance Measure & Perturbation System (BaMPer System) a system that provides small, controlled and unpredictable perturbations during treadmill walking providing valuable perturbation, which allows to train their compensatory postural responses during walking which thus improve “recovery reflexes” in older adults, and as a result improve the balance and prevent falls of the elderly.

The project is carried out in collaboration with Dr. Itshak Melzer from the Physical Therapy Department.

video-1 video-2

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