A train that does not stop in stations

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For This project we built a model railway train that illustrates the idea of a train that does not stop at stations, the idea works as follows: a moving train is on the tracks, passengers who want to get off the train at the next station move to the last car, the car get disconnected from the train and begins to slowdown. the car turns to a parallel track and stop at the station. A few minutes before the main train is approaching the station, passengers get into another car waiting at the station. When the train is approaching, this car starts to accelerate and moves to the main track right after the train. the car accelerate until he gets connected to the train.

Images for illustration

First car get disconnected from the train.

File:IMG 0711.jpg File:IMG 06851.jpg File:IMG 0710.jpg File:IMG 0689.jpg

Second car leaving the station and catch the train.

File:IMG 0718.jpg File:IMG 0720.jpg File:IMG 0708.jpg File:IMG 0700.jpg File:IMG 0724.jpg